How is ayuray bringing yoga and Ayurveda together?

Ayur – vastra (ayur means life & vastra means clothes) is an ancient technique in India of dyeing textiles with medicinal herbs using ayurvedic principles. According to ayurvedic literature, clothes are used as a medium to provide medicinal benefits of the infused herbs directly through contact with skin. These herbs also provide the mellow colors that elevate your yoga practice. You can read more about some of the herbs used in our products here.

Ayurveda’s goal is holistic, to create harmony between body, mind, and spirit by maintaining the right balance. This natural system and philosophy of health care believe that plant medicine is one of the most powerful ways to treat and prevent disease. Yes, all our products at ayuray are 100% natural and vegan.


How was the Ayurvedic dyeing invented?  

We are not sure on this but what we know is that this technique of ayurvedic dyeing has been handed over to the custodians of our dye house through generations. These techniques were used to produce medicinal cloths for the Travancore royal family from Kerala, India by the ancestors of our dye house artisans. Today, the artisans of our dye house employ these skills and techniques to create ayuray products. There are 2 aspects to ayurvedic dyeing, one is the natural hues that are harnessed from the combination of herbs. The other aspect is the wellness and therapeutic properties of the herbs to prevent imbalance. You can read more on how ayuray products are crafted using ayurvedic dyeing here.


Why 100% organic cotton? And what do you mean by “We are Conscious”?

Conventionally-grown cotton (genetically modified cotton) uses huge amounts of toxic chemicals which adulterate our air, water, and soil. It indirectly affects our bodies through our skin, which is our largest sensory organ. The skin soaks up these toxins that come in contact with it. This is especially true for clothes that we wear and use on a regular basis (including the Yoga mats, towels etc.). By choosing 100% organic cotton over conveniently grown cotton, we are making a conscious effort to protect ourselves and our environment from absorbing poisonous chemicals.

Impact on farming and farmers:
Genetically modified (GM)  crops like cotton were industrially promoted by big corporations with the promise of better yield and profits. But beyond the initial success stories, the promise turned sour for a lot of farmers. The farmers soon realized that instead of what was promised to them they were falling into deeper debt to the biotech industries that control the seeds and crops.

GM crops, contrary to popular belief, only increase the use of pesticides and foster the spread of resistant “superweeds”. The yield of GM crops is sometimes lesser than organically grown crops. Many European countries along with others are realizing the hazards of GM crops and have started to ban such produce. Even standards like "The Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS)" prohibit all genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) and their derivatives. Therefore, the writing on the wall is clear for us – source the right ingredients and create a positive impact on the communities that create our products.

We at ayuray believe in making conscious choices. The choice of sustainability and creating eco-conscious products that enrich communities is close to our hearts. ayuray products are made by sourcing Fairtrade and organic ingredients. All our yarns are GOTS certified organic cotton. We believe in sourcing right and partnering with communities that make our products with care and love.

Our partners believe in fair trade practices and are chosen carefully with the strictest of quality assessment measures. They are weaving co-operative societies located in South India, promoting the handloom industry and providing work to weavers on the basis of fair wage schemes recognized and authorized by the government. We ensure that the choice in every step is right for us and the planet.


Why use organic cotton yoga mat instead of the regular PVC / rubber mat?

Yoga in the classical sense means “union” and being in harmony with the universe. We believe from our understanding and practice that yoga is more than a physical expression.

In India, traditionally the yogis have done their practice on mats using natural fibers like cotton, grass etc. This allows them to be in touch with nature and let energies flow naturally without any impediments.

Synthetic rubber and PVC mats impede the natural flow and rhythm during your practice. They look great but have a negative impact on our environment as the process of manufacturing these mats pollutes the soil and water bodies nearby. Some of them are non-biodegradable making them leave a tremendous impact on our world. Then there is this issue of microplastics getting into our ecosystems and causing harm to us and other animals. See more on this in the video below from "The story of stuff project".


So, when we set out to find a material that provides natural harmony to your practice and one that promotes livelihoods to local artisans, natural fiber like cotton was a natural choice.


How do I care for my ayuray yoga mat & other products?

ayuray yoga mat & clothing are dyed using natural dyes. No synthetic dyes or color fixing agents have been used at any stage of the manufacturing process. Thus, it is natural that there may be some color bleed. We recommend that you hand wash the mats & clothing using only bleach-free, natural eco-friendly detergents in cold water and line dry in shade to ensure freshness and longevity.

For small stains or spot cleaning, we recommend that you use cold water and natural eco-friendly detergents. It is also advisable to wash your mat only when necessary to improve its life. Towels and other clothing can be washed as often as you like but please follow our recommendations for their longevity.



How does ayuray yoga mat prevent you from slipping?

Unlike the synthetic PVC and rubber mats, cotton mats become grippier when moist or wet. The base of the ayuray yoga mat is cotton and provides more grip as you sweat during your yoga practice. The cotton fiber has been infused with an herbal blend that provides anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

In addition, we have designed the mat to grip onto the surface it is laid out on by adding a special coating of natural rubber on the underside. The horizontal beadings, on the topside, provide additional grip during various asanas that require you to stretch to your limits.  Since the cotton mat increase grip when wet, you may sprinkle some water on the mat edges where the hand and legs are placed.

After your everyday practice, we recommend that you hang dry in shade.


Where are ayuray products dyed?

All our products are herbal dyed using Ayurvedic processes in the southern state of Kerala in India. Kerala by nature is blessed with the right climate, fresh water, and tropical forests that are home to a lot of medicinal herbs.

Our dye house is situated on the edge of a lush green forest which is home to many medicinal plants. The Ayurvedic herbs gathered by the local tribal people are sourced to prepare the dye which is a blend of over 20-30 different herbs. 90% of the herbs are sourced locally and the rest is sourced from other parts of India.



The dye house, uniquely blessed with a pristine water source, ensures the purity of the dyeing process.


Will the herbal dye bleed on washing?

It is natural that there will be some amount of color-bleed from the garments especially in the first few washes. Since we do not use harsh chemicals for color fasting there, some color separation from the herbal infused fibers is natural. There may be slight changes in the hues but the herbal goodness stays. We hope you appreciate the slight changes as all the yarn and cloth are hand dyed by artisans who have been masters at it for generations.

We would also like to point out that there might slight variations in the yoga mat size as these mats are created by hands and not machines. We have also tried to ensure that yarns are pre-shrunk to minimize variations after wash.


What are the standards of living for workers involved in the creation of ayuray products?

Most ayuray products are produced by weaving communities in south India. The weavers are part of co-operative societies and SHGs (Self Help Groups) that pool resources to get a constant source of work from brands like ayuray and the local government. The workers in these co-operative societies enjoy higher wages and better working conditions compared to the rest of India.

These artisans live in a province that is lush green, free of pollution and has traditionally been a bastion of workers’ rights (scheduled work hours, eco-friendly materials, benefits & vacations) in India. We are happy to work with them and are in awe of the skills they possess to infuse magic into everyone’s lives through their handiwork. Our policy has been to work on Fairtrade principles and to work directly with weavers and dye house, thereby eliminating the middlemen.


How is my order delivered?

All our orders are delivered via Wing.ae - an amazon company.  Wing.ae will call you to arrange for local delivery. Our typical local deliveries are next business day. If you need a faster delivery please email to info@ayuray.com or WhatsApp on +971 50 112 2697. International shipments are shipped by the next business day. For more information, please see our Shipping and Delivery Policy.

How do I get in touch with ayuray if I need any specific information?

You may reach out to us via email to info@ayuray.com or WhatsApp on +971 50 112 2697  and we will be happy to help you.