About us

Ayurveda and yoga


In 2016, we started becoming regular with our yoga practice and at the same time we also tuning our thoughts to sustainable living, We saw that the war against disposable plastics was the focus of many. However  no one was talking about plastics in clothing, the growing impact of chemicals in what we wear and use in our daily lives. Even spiritual ritual like Yoga was  being practiced with little consciousness about impact of the products being used. Call it serendipity, we discovered the good folks who knew the secret of Ayurvedic dyeing. We realized that  here is an opportunity for us to showcase something unique, an alternative to what is prevalent.  This convergence of events and realization was the genesis of our brand ayuray.


Our holistic approach is combining traditions.
Ayurveda and yoga are interrelated branches in the great tree of Vedic knowledge. Both teach the practice of healing with the goodness of nature. While yoga teaches us spiritual practices that focus on ripening a meditative mind and expanding our consciousness, Ayurveda focuses on medicinal practices that heal and rejuvenate both body and mind. Together, they promote a healthy lifestyle that is purely dependent on drawing and using the energies of nature for holistic well-being. 

ayuray is a conscious lifestyle brand that creates products based on Fairtrade, conscious choices and sustainable practices. We believe in our values and have made a conscious effort to say no to the easy way of sourcing materials or the use of synthetic materials/dyes in our products.  We collaborate and create products along with trusted partner craftsmen, who for generations have been nurturing the ancient craft of Ayurvedic dyeing. We also rejuvenate the dwindling art-form of handloom. We help the weaving communities in rural India by providing them with opportunities to create new products that sustain their craftsmanship and skills.
We are Pure
We believe nature always produces balanced ingredients, just like yoga, which promotes the harmony of mind, body, and spirit. We change nothing of the natural qualities of the ingredients we use. We simply gather them, use ancient Ayurvedic techniques to combine them and ensure their purity till they reach you.
We are Natural
We believe that natural ingredients and herbs have therapeutic values that are unmatched. They promote wellness and healing unlike any manufactured or synthesized products. Hence, we source everything from nature. The natural dyeing process is carefully practiced, ancient Ayurvedic techniques combined with organic ingredients and nature’s hand come together to infuse the Vedic of nature into our products.
We are Conscious
Our faith in the karmic rule of what is sown is what will be reaped has awakened our senses. We are aware of the effects of our every action upon nature. Hence, we carefully assess, coordinate our practices and harness the positive energies of nature without upsetting its delicate balance. Our awareness allows us to extend our understanding of an eco-conscious lifestyle to our patrons and partner communities alike. 
Hope you enjoy our products developed for a better world and to support of small artisanal communities.
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