Ayurvedic Clothing (Ayurvastram) - Men's

Ayurvedic Clothing (Ayurvastram) - Men's

Did you know clothes can be your second skin that protects and nurtures your body? Our Ayurvastram range is sustainable clothing that is created using the principles of Ayurveda. These are clothes that use natural fibers like 100% organic cotton and other plant-based fibers. 

These natural fibers are infused with ayurvedic herbs that promote wellness and give subtle colors to the fabric. The process of Dyeing does not use any electricity, it is done like how traditionally clothes were dyed before the advent of synthetic dyes. All our clothes are hand-dyed. The water and sediments from the dyeing process are used for irrigation and as manure for the farm.

We take great pride in providing the alternative which is not just organic but goes beyond it. We call it Organic ++

Good for our skin, body, and our planet.

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