Ayurvedic dyed clothing - Make it last by taking care

Ayurvedic dyed clothing - Make it last by taking care

Natural dyed and Ayurvedic dyed clothing is a great choice for us and our environment. It allows your body to be in touch with natural goodness rather than synthetic chemicals that may produce adverse effects in our body.

Choosing these natural products is a great lifestyle choice. It is also important that we take good care of these clothing to make them last and for us to cherish their natural beauty.

Although we take good care of our pre-process and finishing process before manufacturing,  the natural colors may still wash off during the initial 2-3 washes. This behavior is completely natural and hence one needs to take care of how we care for these clothes, especially the darker shades.



Pre-Washing :

Once you take home these naturally dyed clothing, we recommend you wash them as the first 2-3 washes are very important. Some of the brighter shades will have a slight running of these colors. So it is critical to wash them separately, even though it is unlikely that these natural dyes will stain other garments.

So our recommendation is that you wash these clothes by itself for the first 2-3 washes on a gentle cycle / hand wash using a mild detergent.


Regular Wash and Care:

Once the naturally dyed clothing is seasoned after the initial 2-3 washes, we can preserve the beauty of natural colors if we take good care. Here are our recommendations :

  • Separate out the dark colors from lighter shades as dark shades may transfer to lighter ones.
  • Wash the fabrics in cold water (30 degrees C)
  • Wash the fabric inside out.
  • Hand wash or Machine wash on gentle cycle 
  • Wash separately if possible and remove and put to dry promptly
  • Use mild eco-friendly detergent and make sure the detergent does not have bleach.
  • Do not bleach or dry clean
  • Line dry in shade / diffused light as direct exposure to sunlight will tend the cloth to fade quickly.
  • Iron at low temperature as desired
  • Natural dyes may fade gently over time or in direct sunlight.
  • Keep the clothes away from acidic solutions like Vinegar / Citric acid.


Caring for naturally dyed cloth can sound intimidating, but if we are mindful of the choice and the wellness they promote, the extra care is worth it.  A little TLC  and you can enjoy these goodies for a very long time. 

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